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Relationship Counselling

All couples have challenges and difficulties from time to time. Whether your concerns involve a slight shift or disconnect with your partner, or serious conflict and consideration of separation or divorce, relationship counselling can help. Our counselling is suitable for couples of all ages, sexual orientation and stage of relationship and can be helpful and effective with either one or both partners involved. We utilise highly effective relationship counselling strategies derived from over 40 years of clinical research conducted by Drs John & Julie Gottman at The Gottman Institute.

Areas commonly addressed in relationship counselling include:

  • Identifying and understanding the problems in your relationship

  • Improving listening and communication

  • Navigating a separation or divorce

  • Overcoming an affair

  • Effective conflict resolution

  • Adjusting from being a couple to parents

  • Building commitment and trust

  • Healthy co-parenting

  • Exploring and fulfilling your shared dreams and life goals 

  • Understanding reoccurring problems with your partner

  • Strengthening your relationship and fulfillment

  • Resolving and repairing past fights and hurt

Relationship Services


An individual consult to discuss any issues regarding relationships

Common topics include:

Dating and searching for a partner

Relationship break-up

Uncertainty about your relationships future

Improving communication skills

Intimacy concerns

Co-parenting skills

Overcoming childhood experiences impacting your relationship

Couple Sessions

Attend with you partner in our rooms or by joint telephone or video-conference session to discuss your relationship or concerns.

Couple sessions are the most effective for learning new skills, addressing concerns and developing life long habits for a healthy and fulfilling relationship

We welcome:

New and long standing relationships

Same sex couples


Pre-marital counselling

Separated & co-parents

All ages

Gottman Method

Carole has successfully completed Level 3 Gottman Method Couples Therapy training.

The Gottman Method for Couples Counselling, is a world renowned evidenced based approach to helping couples repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate their relationships.

Developed by Drs John and Julie Gottman in Seattle, WA (USA), we believe it is the gold standard in relationship counselling as:

It's principles are based on research conducted over 40 years and utilised over 3500 couples to define what makes a healthy, long lasting relationship

It includes a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and challenges of your relationship, gained through joint and individual sessions and an online questionnaire to create a unique road map for the couple’s treatment

It focuses on building your understanding, fondness, admiration and respect for your partner, strengthening intimacy and emotional connection, successfully managing conflict and increasing communication, resolving past hurt, supporting each other’s life dreams and shared goals/values, strengthening or rebuilding trust and commitment, and developing the skills to ensure a fulfilling and long lasting relationship.

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